Cow Sculptures at Robinson Reserve

A couple of the City’s newest residents have made Robinson Reserve in Tuart Hill their home. Part of the recent reserve upgrades, the impressive cow and calf sculptures by artist Mehdi Rasulle are already a hit with visitors of all ages. But, why sculptures of cows at Robinson Reserve you might ask?

The popular reserve was once the site of a dairy farm established by William Edward Robinson. Known as a master dairyman, Robinson set up the dairy in 1905 and by the 1930s he had a busy operation with more than 60 milk cows. Robinson was also a founding member of the Osborne Park Agricultural Society, and today the society continues to host its annual show at Robinson Reserve.

Made from re-enforced concrete with steel frames, the cows took around three months to create and weigh about 800kg. Next time you’re in Tuart Hill, make sure you keep an eye out for Olive and Daisy.