Alkimos Primary School 2016

Alkimos is named after a Greek ship that was wrecked off the coast in 1964. The vessel broke anchor and was driven onto the Eglinton Rocks, after which the partly dismantled remains sat in several metres of water before gradually disintegrating and sinking. It is now a popular diving venue.
The Alkimos sea journey begins with a deliberately rusted steel anchor nestled in the garden bed at the entry to the school. Mehdi has carved a medley of sea creatures that divers might expect to meet on their journey down into the depths of the Alkimos wreck.

Students and adults alike can sit on, hug and play with larger works placed in the grassed courtyards. The hermit crab, Australian sea lion and green turtle have each been rendered with anatomical precision, as have the sharks, fish, dolphins, squid and turtle on the five wall pieces to assist with navigation through the school site.

The sculptures are carved from Donnybrook sandstone and the sandy colour with subtle lines evoking dunes and shore running through makes it the perfect medium for ocean inspired artworks in a beach side suburb.

TITLE: “Wreck Art”
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jerika Faithfull