Mehdi Rasulle and his Samson Whale Sculpture

Mehdi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1984. From a very young age he was inspired and classically trained in art by his brothers who operated a sculpture business with customers in Europe and the Middle East.

Much of their art was in the Renaissance style which caused them to be ostracized from the community because the depiction of living things is against Islamic doctrine. The rise of the Taliban made it impossible to continue with their art and the family fled to various parts of the world.

Mehdi came to Western Australia in 2001 and completed his TEE to university entrance standard. He hopes one day to study architecture. Mehdi has been successful in being awarded several public art contracts as well as private commissions. With the artistic freedom he now enjoys in Australia Mehdi is working with various media like sandstone, wood, resin, steel, copper and aluminum as well as exploring new themes and designs.

The style and themes of Mehdi’s future art will be fascinating and unique and we eagerly wait to see them.