About Mehdi

Before coming to Australia, Mehdi studied and worked with the Allahdad Gallery – a family business and the leading art centre in Afghanistan.

During this time, Mehdi acquired skills in stone carving, welding, stone masonry and oil painting, creating original and reproduction sculptures for the European, Russian and Iranian markets.

Often replicated from a single photograph within a book or magazine, the sculptures were primarily Renaissance style marble carvings, as well as some combined metal work. Mehdi also undertook historical stonework restoration – the most renowned being the 4th and 5th century ‘Bamiyan Buddhas’.

Mehdi arrived in Australia in 2001 as a sixteen-year-old Afghani refugee fleeing the Taliban regime. His family was ostracised for their artistry because the depiction of living things is against the Islamic fundamental doctrine.

Mehdi embraced the local materials of sandstone and hardwood in his new home and was subsequently awarded several public art commissions. With a high portion of the commissions being metal-based, Mehdi decided to upskill himself in this area.

After completing his mature-age tertiary entrance certification, he completed a Certificate IV in Metal Fabrication and Welding at TAFE, as well as a Diploma of Welding and Supervision.(AS 796 cert 10)

Nowadays Mehdi has built up quite a portfolio of public artworks and historic sculpture restoration throughout Western Australia, being sought after as a stone and wood carving specialist.

All of Mehdi’s public art projects are self-fabricated and have been completed on time and within budget. Most importantly, they all comply with Australian safety standards.


Sculpture design
Stone carving
Wood carving
Metal fabrication
Stone masonry
Historical sculpture restoration