Bus stop just the ticket

Tram Bus Stop by Sculptor Mehdi RasulleA NEW piece of public art by a Queens Park artist has made the triple achievement of being pleasing to the eye and functional while also acknowledging the local history of the area.

Mehdi Rasulle was quite rightly beaming with pride as his Tram Bus Stop public artwork was officially unveiled by Town of Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan last week.

The artwork is a functioning bus shelter on Albany Highway that cleverly incorporates design elements of a tram, to reflect the history of the tram service that used to run through the area.

The site was originally the end stop for a tram that ran through Victoria Park from Perth CBD to Welshpool Road from 1905-1951.

A tram carriage bus stop had been at the site for many years but wear and tear saw it replaced with a standard bus stop in 2008.

Key pieces of the original shelter were salvaged and incorporated into the new design.

Rasulle operates under the business name Sculpture Sitoara and has other public artworks at schools and churches around Perth.

The Town has commissioned him to produce another public artwork, which will reflect the history of Broadway Theatre.